Man of Steel (4K Ultra HD/BD) [Blu-ray] Full Movie

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Man of Steel (4K Ultra HD/BD) [Blu-ray]

Man of Steel (4K Ultra HD/BD) [Blu-ray]

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Amazon Sales Rank : #2713 in DVD
Model : 35734319
Released on : 2016-07-19
Rating : PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
Number of discs : 2
Format : 4K
Original language : English
Subtitled in : English, French
Dubbed in : Spanish
Number of discs : 2
Dimensions : 5.40" h x 7.50" w x .70" l, .52 pounds

Multiple viewings and an open mind

  • - 4 stars

There are a lot of reviews for this movie, but having listened to this debate for 3 years I want to put my thoughts down. My first viewing in the theatre I came away going "wow that was intense and a new take on Superman". Then I started reading the criticism and that started changing my mind about what I saw and even debated one of my friends who loved the movie about its faults. Then I watched it again and realized the reviews and myself were wrong. This movie receives a lot hypocritical flack for no reason. I also read a bunch of Superman comics to see where they were coming from in the criticism . Let me say this, there is no definitive Superman only your definitive Superman. If you prefer Reeve that's fine, but there is room for multiple interpretations. People saying Snyder doesn't know the character are wrong as well. Lines and shots are taking from Birthright and John Byrnes Man of Steel. This is a very post 1987 Superman and really resembles more of the stories from the new 52 and early 2000s such as War of the Supermen, For Tomorrow, and Earth One.
This film is a roller-coaster. From the intense opening to the calmer coming of age then the 2 big battles. Once we get the invasion from Zod the movie doesn't slow down. On first viewing that can be alot to take, but again repeat viewings make me enjoy it more. There are shots in this movie that are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. The score compliments the movie greatly and even though there is no charging theme Zimmer's more subtle work feels right. There is joy in the film as well, but it's not spoon fed to you. It is subtle like many of the themes in the film. Another aspect of the movie i love is a great villain who believes he is right and will not stop to achieve his goal. Snyder puts Superman in extremely difficult situations and he has to make hard choices. If any other character did what he did at the end of the film no one would blink an eye, but because it's Superman everyone freaks out. However, as I said this villain would not stop and there was no prison to hold him so Supes made the tough choice. You can clearly see the pain it caused him. If you have issues with this movie please see man of steel answers on youtube. I think as more time goes by this movie will get the respect it deserves.

Amazing movie !! An all time Classic

  • - 5 stars

Man of Steel is an Exhilarating ride from beginning to end. The Action scenes are mind blowing and of course the film keeps a serious and emotional component throughout. The director Zack Snyder will always have haters to his movies , not EVERYONE will be able to connect to the emotional tone he sets for his movies. But the ones that appreciate his work understand the level of brilliance he has. He casts superman in a very unique light and in my opinion a much needed and interesting light never really seen before. The visuals are outstanding and with Zacks unique film style he's able to create such atmosphere and depth strictly due to how he shoots the visuals. I know of a few friends personally who didn't like the movie when they first saw it and had many complaints, but now LOVE the movie and realize how terrific it really is. I love this movie and it will always be in my collection forever.

... hear they remade Superman with a different take ( liked Superman Return with Brandon Routh)

  • - 2 stars

I was stoked when I hear they remade Superman with a different take ( liked Superman Return with Brandon Routh). I have nothing against the character casting but i just feel the whole plot focused too much on the fighting with the villain. It's classic that Superman will always protect the civilians and environments since the old film but this one i feel it's just a mass destruction. Good thing it is all CG , can't really imagine if it happens in real life. just my opinion.