Ex Machina Full Movie

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Ex Machina

Available for the first time on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack comes the Academy Award®-winning ''Best Visual Effects'' sci-fi thriller from the writer of 28 DAYS LATER and DREDD.

Ex Machina

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Amazon Sales Rank : #1419 in DVD
Released on : 2017-06-06
Rating : R (Restricted)
Number of discs : 2
Formats : 4K, NTSC, Widescreen
Original language : English
Subtitled in : English
Number of discs : 2
Dimensions : 5.40" h x 7.50" w x .70" l, .25 pounds
Running time : 108 minutes

The ending has a payoff but it won't make everyone happy, for sure

  • - 4 stars

There's been a lot of decent robot / AI features coming out of the UK recently, and this one stands up well beside the others (ie Dark Mirror, Humans).

The effects are superb. The characters are okay, but they exist in an woodsy northern tundra that's hard to believe. The plot revolves around two men -- on programmer, and one super-rich, super-brainy tech genius. He invents an artificial intelligence and puts it in a robot. He invited in the programmer as a stranger to this situation. The robot has never met anyone else. She's demure and appears emotional and appealing to the programmer... and then what happens?!?! The ending has a payoff but it won't make everyone happy, for sure. It's worth watching, but most of the "action" is the robot talking to the programmer, and the programmer talking to the very annoying genius. It's good, but more like a play than a fleshed-out movie (no pun intended).

and the few special effects and acting is good. However

  • - 4 stars

An interesting take on the AI topic, and the few special effects and acting is good. However, there was an obvious lack of technicality and science given the subject is artificial intelligence. It wouldn't have overwhelmed the viewers to dig a bit deeper in that respect. It would have given an authentic depth to the movie. Also, how base and predictable that the AI females would be used in a sexual and degrading way, displayed naked for the creator to ogle and also for intercourse. I was thrilled that karma was just in the end though. I thought at first the creator had lured the employee there in order to study him and make a male AI robot in some sinister plot. I think this is really a 3-star movie but gave it a higher rating because the ending was a perfect and just fit to the story.

Very smart movie. Good chemistry between the actors

  • - 5 stars

Very smart movie. Good chemistry between the actors, beautiful setting, not-too-preachy about the good or bad in AI. This is just an intelligent and entertaining movie with a modern twist on the man-vs-machine theme. I sure didn't see that ending coming!

Be warned - there is nudity in that the robots are female, and one scene shows the full form for an extended duration.